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My interest in Osteopathy comes from living an active life and occasionally being the patient as a result. The principles and methods of Osteopathy are in line with my own philosophies on health and well-being and are reflected in the way I treat my patients. I like getting to know my patients, listening to them and hearing what they need from me to individualise our time together. Every patient is unique which allows me to tailor my treatment specific to their needs, whether it be gentle, more subtle techniques or stronger structural techniques. The main goal that I set for my patients is to ensure that they can get going again and perform what they love to do as optimally as possible.

I have a particular interest in hypermobile and chronic-pain patients such that my Masters’ thesis was on Generalised Joint Hypermobility and have greater insight in how I can help my patients manage their symptoms. As a hypermobile person myself, I understand its implications on day-to-day life as well as its association with chronic widespread pain.

When I’m not in clinic I am out with my dog. I like to keep fit and active, something I have truly come to appreciate that keeps me going and feeling great. In saying that, also enjoy a good Netflix session and taking time for myself.

I believe everything around us influences our well-being and little changes and routines can make such a difference.

I have a creative history and think outside the box when it comes to my patients as well as life. I enjoy treating patients of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes and lifestyles and look forward to meeting you.

Osteopathy Experience

Grey Lynn Osteopathy – Current
Auckland, New Zealand


Master of Osteopathy
Unitec Institute of Technology
Auckland, New Zealand

Bachelor of Science – Human Biology
Unitec Institute of Technology
Auckland, New Zealand

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